Fete Chinoise

Fete Chinoise is a give back project - http://www.fetechinoise.ca/
A celebration of Chinese-Canadian culture, the event examines the way we approach tradition through weddings and event design in the community.
10 teams put together art installations in the rooms of the Shangri-La, and guests can walk the space and enjoy art and food and beverage pairings.
Every ticket sale is being donated to Mon Sheong Foundation 
in support of the elderly and heritage classes. 
The idea of identity is something we all struggle with and question at every point in our lives. What does being Chinese-Canadian mean?  
As a Chinese-Canadian (more specifically Taiwanese-Canadian),
I felt strongly that I had to contribute to this project.
My donation is a custom illustration of my alter ego wearing Spring Summer 2016 Greta Constantine gown in a traditional Chinese garden.
Please check out the event this weekend, and make sure to look for my illustration in the programme magazine!

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